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«Bath Pal refinishers made my tub and tile in the bathroom to look like new. It was quick and professional. I am very happy with their work.»

Mary Smith

«My bathtub started peeling right after I refinished it with the DIY refinishing kit. So… I had my tub re-glazed by professional contractor. Bath Pal technicians turned it into a brand new one just in 4 hours. I strongly recommend Bath Pal service to everybody. DIY refinishing kit is just a waste of your money and nothing else.»

Linda S.

«It was a pleasure to deal with Mikhail from Bath Pal refinishing. He was very professional and paid attention to details. My sink and tub look like new now! They did a superb job!»

Maria Johnson

«I had two old and ugly dark green bathtubs in the house I was going to sell. Bath Pal re-glazed them and change the color to white. Transformation was amazing and it was done with quick response and no mess at all. I sold my house very soon after!!!»

Alexander Williams

«Bath Pal refinishers are very polite and informative. I have had a deal with them 3 times already. (It was a different man every time.) I strongly recommend Bath Pal to everybody who needs to refinish a bathtub or countertop.»

Karen D

«I am a happiest man! My rusty and stained tub is gone! I can't believe it! It took Bath Pal just a bit more than a half a day to refinish my tub and made it to look and feel like new now. I am definitely going to call them again to restore my countertop in the kitchen and marble sink in second bathroom.»

Andrew Brown

«I think, Stan from Bath Pal New York is most polite man I've ever met! He was so informative and patient with all my (sometime stupid) questions about refinishing process and what is going to be after it. I have got new tub and sink without replacing them! Thanks to Bath Pal.»

Lisa Miller

«Thank You, Bath Pal. You, guys take a pride in your work. My tile looks marvelous.»

Nancy Davis

«Bath Pal is the best in tub refinishing! They were on schedule, quick and professional. Their prices are reasonable, their job is excellent!»

Calvin E 

«Hi, there. I am an owner of 4 storey building in Naperville IL with 60 apartments in it. It would cost me thousands of dollars to replace tubs and sinks in every apartment in there. Bath Pal was a great solution and saved me a lot of money. They were very professional and accurate. I strongly recommend this company to everyone.»

Helen Anderson

«Bath Pal did an amazing job! I have an antique clawfoot tub and it is very rare light blue color. I wanted to have the same color on my, just installed, pedestal sink. They matched the color amazingly! You can't tell a difference!»

Betty White

«This is a second time I use Bath Pal service and I am happy with their job again. I have recommended Bath Pal to two of my friends and they are very satisfied as well. Great job, Bath Pal!»

Blair C

«My name Eugene I am a plumber with 14 years of experience. The tub I was going to install arrived with a crack and the tub company refused to do anything about it. It was the only solution for me to call Bath Pal for help. They came at the same day! They fixed the crack and put me back in my schedule. Thank You, Bath Pal.»


«Bath Pal did a great job on my old and uncleanable shower pan. It was an eyesore in the bathroom for many years. It looks like brand new now! I am so happy about it.»

Ben Harris

«I 've done 2 sinks and a tub refinished with Bath Pal this year. Results are amazing. The process is a little smelly but technicians were careful and efficient. Smell was gone in couple hours and next day my bathroom was ready for use.»

Margaret Newmarket

«Bath Pal refinished my countertops in the bathroom and kitchen. They look amazing now! I could not have wished for a better job! I am sorry I hadn't done it years ago.»

Cody Martin

«We had Bath Pal to refinish our tub that has been painted about 14 years ago. Technicians striped old paint completely and refinished the tub with different color we chose. It was neat and professional.»

Maria Garcia

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