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About bathtub liners...

​If you choose the right bathtub insert company, you can get a good quality insert installed on your bathtub. Insert shown in the picture was made of 1/4 inch thick, very durable plastic. It was glued well to the old bathtub. Everything seems to be OK...

Tub liners have some problems and disadvantages:


​Bathtub liners are quite expensive. Average price in Toronto and GTA is about $2300 for installation.

Water Bed

Water can get between the liner and bathtub. It can cause a leak and mold to grow. Also it is not safe to use a bathtub when its bottom moves under your feet.

No Issues Are Solved

Any problems of the bathtub would not be fixed. Liner just covers the surface of your bathtub. Any of these problems can get worse over time.

Not Every Bathtub Can Be Fixed

This service is limited with a size and shape of the bathtub. In most cases acrylic, fiberglass, and free standing tubs can’t be lined. Also there is always a 1/2 -1 inch gap between the existing bathtub and liner. Moisture and humidity can cause mold and other unpleasantries to grow in this gap without anyone knowing. 

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​This bathtub liner was installed by previous owner of the house .There was no information about the time it was installed. The new owner of the house has been using the bathtub for quite a long time with no problem until he noticed that the bottom of the bathtub became a "water bed". Liner was removed and bathtub was refinished with spray enameling.


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