Bathtub refinishing-
it is not a temporary fix.

We use top quality EP-ACRYLIC High Gloss Acrylic Polymer. It will keep your bathtub in very good condition for many years.

How much does it cost?...

Our bathtub refinishing prices are reasonable and low. Cost to refinish a standard metal or cast iron bathtub that has never been refinished before is just $450
If the bathtub has been previously refinished (sprayed), $100 extra charge is added to the price for old coat removal.

Claw foot tubs have to only be sprayed inside. Outside part of a claw foot bathtub is very rough and doesn't require spray application of high gloss paint.

In most cases there is no extra charge for chip and scratch repair as well as re-caulking after. 

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Address: 60 Matthew Boyd cres Newmarket ON L3X3C3

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Tubs we do:

Steel or porcelain bathtubs

Cast iron bathtubs and claw foot tubs (inside only)

Cultured stone bathtubs

Fiberglass and jet tubs, fiberglass shower stalls

Detailed step-by-step description of the bathtub refinishing process can be found HERE


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