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Ceramic tile reglazing

Ceramic tile refinishing

For ceramic tile reglazing we use the same top quality EP-ACRYLIC High Gloss Acrylic Polymer which is used for the bathtubs. It will keep you bathroom tile in very good condition for many years.

Cost to reglaze a standard tub surround (three walls around bathtub) is from $600-$800

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Ceramic tile refinishing

Professional ceramic tile repair & reglazing is a inexpensive alternative to its replacing. Reglazing will fit any budget and will make your bathroom sparkle.

Chipped and cracked tiles attract dirt. Mold begins to grow in the cracks especially in wet environments. Bath Pal Canada is a team that professionally refinishes your bathroom wall tiles and shower pans.

In comparison to replacement, refinishing of your bathroom wall tiles is a more economical and practical alternative. Buying new tile can be expensive. Process of removing old tiles and installing new ones is something you want to avoid for as long as possible.

Ask us about professional ceramic tile repair & reglazing services if you have chipped or cracked tiles or looking to update the color. Once the job is done, your tile will look new again and will be easy to clean with a mild liquid cleaner.

What is the ceramic tile repair & reglazing process?
Ceramic tile refinishing process is quite similar to the bathtub refinishing process described in the “Process” section of our website. We recommend you to take a look at it to understand the service better. Ceramic tile refinishing requires professional knowledge. Warranty applies the same way to refinished tiles as to bathtubs. 

We are happy to explain the process to you during free estimates and consultations and pride ourselves on delivering superior professional services.


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