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Leader in the bathtub refinishing industry...

Established in 2006.

Five years written warranty on every job

Replace or refinish?...

It is cheaper and faster to do bathtub, ceramic tile and countertop refinishing than replace them outright. Doing bathtub, ceramic tile & countertop refinishing we keep the existing fixtures and professionally refinish them with very durable polymer coating, so they look brand new again. 

We use ISO-Free extreme high durability refinishing enamel, designed especially for bathtub and ceramic tile application

Our main service includes:

Bathtub refinishing 
$450 per standard size bathtub that never been refinished before. 

Ceramic tile refinishing
$700-$800 to refinish the standard tub surround (three walls around the bathtub).

Countertop refinishing
​$350 to refinish regular 3-5 foot long bathroom countertop. With or without sink.

Bath Pal Canada stand for:

We provide written warranty on every job done by us. Bathtubs, wall tiles and countertops are warranted for a period of 5 (five) years, on a pro-rated basis against peeling or other adhesion failure of the refinishing materials.

Integrity Coating High Gloss Acrylic Polymer is a  fast drying (touch dry in 2-3 minutes) enamel, resistant to UV, scratches and stains. This 2-part enamel is specially designed  for bathtub and ceramic tile applications! 

In Ontario, Bath Pal Canada was established in the beginning of 2006. Since that time we earned a reputation for being among GTA’s best bathtub and ceramic tile restoration professionals. We serve our customers all across the GTA and Northern areas.

Bath Pal Canada ensures professional preparation of the bathtub and surrounding areas prior to refinishing. We guarantee no overspray on walls, floors and any bathroom fixtures that are not to be refinished.

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Here is some pictures of bathtubs, sinks and tiles done by us...

​About bathtub liners - the pros and cons...

​Bathtub liner is another solution to update old bathtub without removing it. Tub liner is simply a new "plastic skin" which is  glued on the existing bathtub. 

But this, at first glance, great idea has some terrible disadvantages that make traditional spray refinishing more attractive for customers.


In the last 17 years, we have refinished over 4500 bathtubs, sinks and ceramic tiles. 

“Bath Pal refinishers made my tub in the bathroom to look like new. It was quick and professional. I am very happy with their work.” Mary S, Brampton


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